Paolo’s Triumph: managing Kubulau’s natural resources

Here is a film in 3 parts about the important contribution¬†Paolo Kolikata has made to ensuring the food security of future generations, by protecting and managing the reefs and forests of his district of Kubulau. Paolo is the¬†Chairman of the Kubulau Resource Management Committee which delivers Kubulau’s Ecosystem-based Management Plan.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

World Ocean’s Day Article

World Ocean’s Day Article

We need to highlight about the ocean because it is our source of food and provides opportunities to earn an income says SeaWeb Asia Pacific Program Associate Alumeci Nakeke.

All of us in the pacific have close association with the ocean as it has provided our food, money and allowed leisure activities as most of us grew near a beach or enjoyed picnics there.

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