Boosting reef resilience

Joint Aquarium and WCS Visit to Kiobo Village
March 19, 2012
Disco diving in Fiji
March 21, 2012


A participant at the reef resilience training workshop studies his implementation plan.

Reef managers in Fiji have expanded their understanding of the science behind coral reef resilience, and the benefits a resilient reef can bring, helping with better management strategies for the future of coral reefs. More than 20 people from Fiji’s Locally Managed Marine Area network attended the reef resilience (R2) training organized by WCS Fiji in Suva. The training touched on topics such as climate change impacts on reef ecosystems, coral disease, early warning systems, resilient MPA design, bleaching response plan and effective communication of reef resilience concepts to communities.

The major outcome of R2 training was the development of a local-scale bleaching response plan template for communities. This plan can be adapted for the different communities across Fiji, and takes a simple and pragmatic approach, with the main resources required being community support and keen eyes! It is divided into four components: (1) Coral health and impact assessment – eyes on reef; (2) Early warning systems – communication tools; (3) Management actions – preventative and responsive; and, (4) Socioeconomic implications.

The training was a success as all participants left with an implementation plan for their sites, for example to update communities on reef resilience concepts or to request new protected areas to increase the resilience of the local MPA network. A big vinaka to all participants and facilitators! This project was kindly supported by The Nature Conservancy.


Yashika is one of our Field Officers, specializing in coral reef ecology and particularly reef resilience to climate change. Always enthusiastic, sometimes it’s hard to stop Yashika talking about her corals!

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