Hot off the Press: Fisheries resource profiles for Fiji

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December 22, 2017
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February 20, 2018

In 2017, WCS Fiji and Gillett, Preston and Associates updated the Fiji Fisheries Resource Profiles, a reference book that provides the most recent information and summary of 44 of the most important marine and freshwater species groups. It was with the collaboration of the Ministry of Fisheries, NGOs, academics, the private sector, and consultants that we pulled together a publication of this magnitude, which builds on the work of previous Fiji fisheries profiles led by the Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA) and Andrew Richards 23 years ago.

The earlier FFA Fiji fisheries profiles report from 1994 provided summary information on different categories of fish, invertebrate and plant fishery resources to staff of the Fisheries Division, NGOs, students, communities, researchers, and others, and informed government policy on natural resource management for some years.

The profiles in the updated version, where information is available, have sub-sections on: the resource (i.e. species present, distribution, biology and ecology); the fishery (i.e. utilization, production and marketing); stock status; and management (i.e. current legislation/policy; recommended legislation/policy). The updated Fiji Fishery Resource Profiles will be published in early 2018, which coincides with the development of the new Coastal Fisheries Division, Ministry of Fisheries.

The book can be freely downloaded at:


Gillett, Preston and Associates:

The book can be cited as:

Lee S, Lewis A, Gillett R, Fox M, Tuqiri N, Sadovy Y, Batibasaga A, Lalavanua W, Lovell E (2018) Fiji Fishery Resource Profiles. Information for Management on 44 of the Most Important Species Groups. Gillett, Preston and Associates and the Wildlife Conservation Society, Suva. 240pp.

We hope this reference book will assist the government and other users with current information to improve and advance decision making for fisheries management, policy, and governance for the nation.

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