WCS attends Bua Provincial Meeting

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November 14, 2013
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December 17, 2013

On Wednesday 13 November, I travelled to Nabouwalu in Bua to attend the Provincial Council meeting on behalf of WCS.

Being the lone representative from the non-governmental organizations, my task for the 2 day council meeting was to present the work that we have been doing in the province and to answer any questions which the chief’s may have.

Some of the issues that were raised was in line with mitigating environmental impacts in light of economic developments within the province as well as ensuring that they are able to pass onto their children a better future that balanced both economic prosperity and a healthy environment.

The Mata ni Tikima o Lekutu, Suliasi Saraqia commended the work of WCS within the province and thanked the team for our efforts to engage with them.

As part of my presentation however I made sure to thank all the Chiefs, Mata ni Tikina and Turaga ni Koro’s for opening their doors to work with us through scientific research as well as community management workshops and village consultations.

This I felt went down well as often when we visit the villages, either the Chief’s are away or only the Turaga ni Koro is in so it was good to show our appreciation to them.

During the 2 day meeting which ended on Friday 15 November, I also gave out reports for the Bua survey and newsletters to members of the community and provincial council.

Having returned from the meeting, I felt that WCS was in a good place to continue our work in Bua to provide scientific research to the provincial council in order to secure a fishier future for the province and for its future generations.

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